Science Spotlight: Diatomaceous Earth & Silica, the ignored anti-aging supplement

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Science Spotlight: Diatomaceous Earth & Silica, the ignored anti-aging supplement

After the age of 40, the process of aging becomes unalterable and the levels of silica in the body start to diminish.

Silica and Diatomaceous Earth are natural supplements that will internally slow down the aging process.

Silica reviews show that it is not entirely present in the daily food intake one has, and that is why research has shown that it is essential to take it as a separate supplement for the absorption of other elements in the body such as Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorus in the bloodstream.

What is Diatomaceous Earth and Silica and where does it come from?

Diatomaceous Earth which is also known as D.E, it is rich in Silica content and also contains other minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium. D.E comes in a soft white powder which is made from microscopic fossilized plants that are found in water and are extracted and crushed into its powdery form.

Diatomaceous Earth consists of 85% of Silica and is crucial to the body in so many ways. This nutrient is required by almost all the vital organs in the human body such as the heart, liver, and even the lungs. It is also required by the bones, blood vessels, cartilage and tendons. Due to the large extent of research, this natural supplement can now be used independently and not just through food as a key resource, because only 1/3 of the amount required of silica in the body is present in certain foods that are taken on a daily basis.

How does it help with Anti-Aging?

Silica aids in the production of collagen. Collagen is crucial to keeping bones and joints healthy and strong and also helps in preventing wrinkles. Due to the decreasing levels of silica in the body as people age, it makes sense that more deficiencies start to occur. If the body has the required amount of silica, then the collagen will also assist with aging problems such as skin concerns, acne, eczema, rashes, itching and many other health problems.

The results of D.E are that it will remove dead skin cells and will eliminate any worn out skin, leaving a fresh and young looking face. Silica is found in D.E and is also known as one of nature’s beauty minerals. When people start to age, tissue starts to deteriorate and due to that ligaments also lose the ability to preserve moisture.

This is how Silica helps maintain the deterioration of ligaments and helps the skin look young and healthy. (1)

To assist in preserving the moisture in ligaments, connective tissue comprises of mucous carbohydrates, collagen, elastin and mucopolysaccharides, each of these molecules contains Silica. Once moisture can be retained, it keeps the ligaments energetic and prevents early aging. It is healthy to consume Silica on a regular basis and can keep the skin looking fresh and prevent aging. Results may not show instantly, but a healthy diet and lifestyle will benefit in the long run. (2)

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