Breaking down the health benefits of Melaleuca

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Breaking down the health benefits of Melaleuca

You’ve probably heard of Melaleuca before.  They’re one of the largest and most recognized in the industry.  Melaleuca offers a wide selection of products that people actually use and love.  Lead by Frank VanderSloot the company has expanded over the years and has expanded to more than 15 countries.

Melaleuca offers a very nice 20% commission rate on all products you sell.  This will allow you to quickly make back the money you spend when signing up.  For only $29 you will gain access to all of their products.  Many people who sign up as a partner also love to use these products in their own homes.

This company has holdings in many parts of the world and an extensive distribution system that gets products quickly to customers around the globe.

Sign-up costs: $29
Global revenue: 1 Billon+
The good: The company has been around since the 1980’s and has a huge following.
The bad: Some areas of the market may be saturated by having so many people sign up as partners.


Five Most Popular Melaleuca Products

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Weight loss
  • Hair care
  • Cleaning
  • Bath and body

Vitamins and supplements are the backbones of this very large MLM company.  When it comes to quality, Melaleuca goes to great lengths to ensure all of their supplement products contain only the finest ingredients.  This is probably why so many people keep coming back for this line of products.  Many people around the world swear by these supplements which are packaged very attractively.  Some of their supplement lines include brain health, eye health, and digestive health just to name a few.

Weight loss products are also big business for Melaleuca.  The weight loss industry grows at a huge rate each and every year and Melaleuca is a large part of that market.  People looking to shed a few pounds often turn to Melaleuca products because they are trusted and made from all-natural ingredients unlike other products out there (according to this Melaleuca review).  This natural approach has given Melaleuca a huge advantage amount other companies.

Hair care is another product line that many of you might recognize and may have even used before.  Melaleuca has built a reputation for fine hair care products that are salon quality.  Shampoo, conditioners, styling aids and treatments are all offered by this very large MLM company.  They also offer sulfate-free hair care products for those worried about their health and the environment.  Sulfate-free products are all the new rage and Melaleuca has tapped into that new market.

If personal products were not enough Melaleuca has also decided to add cleaning products to their list of items for sale.  But these are not your average everyday cleaning products.  Melaleuca has put a lot of research into developing a line of cleaning products that is non-toxic and safe for the environment.  There is a huge demand for these types of cleaners and Melaleuca has a very extensive line of them.  Instead of using harsh chemicals in their products, this MLM company uses natural ingredients which are great for those who have pets or small children living in the home.

Bath and body products are some of the most popular Melaleuca has to offer and the products are often compared to Jeunesse products.  With a large selection of lotions, soaps and other related products finding one you love is easy.  Designed with health and relaxation in mind, this line of Melaleuca products does really well.  People looking to pamper themselves often turn to these high quality products.


Melaleuca offers ample opportunity even to those brand new to the world of MLM.  This company has been around for many decades and they have a very strong product lines that are recognized around the world.  For a small fee of just $29 you will gain access to all of these products and you will have a powerful brand to stand behind you.  But here comes the best part!  For each and every product you sell you will get a very generous 20% commission for your troubles.

The good

The company has been around since the 1980’s and has a large line of products that are trusted by millions of people.  They offer their products in more than 15 countries so you will likely find an opportunity near you.  They offer a very generous commission of 20% on each and every product you sell.  Most people that have used this company before were very pleased with the result and a lot of partners have been with them for many years.  If you are willing to work, this company is a great place for you to make some serious money.

The bad

While you won’t see many people talking bad about this company some might fail to profit because of location.  Trying to make a sell in an area that already has too many representatives might become a problem.  But if you do your research, finding a market that is right for you won’t be an issue.  For those willing to put in the work, this company offers plenty of incentives.


One of the largest personal care companies in the world, Melaleuca is recognized around the globe as a leader in their industry.  This company has stood the test of time and has been around for many decades.  Founded by Frank VanderSloot in the 1980’s, this company has grown into a powerhouse over the years.  If you are a looking for a company that is easy to navigate, this is the one for you.  Perfect for those who are just starting out, Melaleuca offers you a wealth of knowledge that will get you going.  A small fee of $29 is all you will have to pay in order to gain access to their products.  They have a wide selection of products to choose from so it will not be hard for you to find one that does well.

Melaleuca has been used for its health benefits for years and continues to thrive in popularity.

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